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Animal Rescue Financial Support, Inc. (ARFS) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation registered in the state of Georgia that was incorporated in January 2022 and received its tax-exempt status in March 2022.     

ARFS was birthed from the seed of a desperate need for a cat sanctuary for stray cats in Towns County, Georgia.  But this idea of a cat sanctuary bloomed bigger and broader into helping all animals with all needs.  Once ARFS was incorporated, it took off running. Calls for help came in immediately. In its first six month, ARFS gave out almost $5,000 in financial aid that helped impoverished pet owners and animal rescuers. This was a fantastic first step to a much bigger future. As the word got out, more requests began to come in for financial aid, and ARFS shifted into “overdrive.”

ARFS sees itself as a funnel.  Donations come in and aid for animals goes out.  ARFS knows that as soon as it receives a donation, an opportunity to help someone will be knocking on its door. And that’s the way we like it.


ARFS provides financial support to pay for vet expenses, pet food, pet supplies, kennels, fencing, and shelter for:

                           Animal shelters and animal sanctuaries

                           Foster homes that care for dogs and cats awaiting adoption

                           Impoverished pet owners and farmers

                           Anyone who rescues a homeless, hungry, mistreated, injured, or sick animal

                           Homeless cats that live in colionies


ARFS also provides financial support for dogs and cats being transported to no-kill shelters outside the local area for adoption.  Funding includes transport fees, health certificates, SNAP tests, and vaccinations.


ARFS does not:

                               Trap animals

                               Shelter or foster animals

                               Adopt out animals

                               Find homes for animals    

                               Handle animal control problems

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