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If you are one of those special people gifted at fundraising, your talent can be used to raise money for underprivileged animals.

Those who love yard sales can sell their treasures to raise revenue for homeless, hungry, and hurting animals.


Party lovers can throw a birthday, neighborhood, Christmas, or dinner party or perhaps a St. Patrick's Day or Valentines party or a July 4th bar-b-que or maybe a puppy/kitten shower for needy animals.   Each party goer would pay a party entrance fee, such as $20, or put money into a donation box for ARFS.  


Business owners can donate a percentage of their day’s profits to pay for vet expenses for animals.  


Football fans can start a “fan club” where each person places a $20 bet on his or her team and the team that loses pays ARFS.

Artisans can have craft shows and sell their skillfully designed creations to donate to ARFS.  

Pet sitters can raise money for ARFS by charging a fee for their service and then giving that money to ARFS.

Schools can get their students involved in helping the community by having a fundraiser for ARFS.  At the same time, students can be instructed on the proper care of animals and made aware of the abuse of animals and the need to spay and neuter their dogs and cats.

The ideas for fundraising are many.  Interested?  Contact ARFS by phone (762-294-9467) or email (, or fill out the volunteer form and ARFS will contact you.  Click on VOLUNTEER below


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