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My four-month-old cat, Keegan, was having severe pain in his teeth.  Because of the pain, he hid under the bed during the day and would not eat.  Since I was unable to pay for his vet expenses, I contacted ARFS for help.  ARFS made an appointment for Keegan at the vet and then paid for all of Keegan’s expenses.  Keegan is now free of pain and back to his normal happy self.  Thank you, ARFS, for all your help.   Kelly, Blairsville, GA



I highly recommend ARFS!  I messaged them seeking help for my fur baby on a Sunday at 2 pm by 6 pm they had messaged me back getting me help for my baby.  My baby needed emergency surgery and wouldn't have made it much longer without it.  They got in contact with their president who called me the next day and cover half of her medical bill!  She is now happy and healthy again!  I'm so grateful for the help! - Emily, Mineral Bluff, GA



Phenomenal group who help in emergency situations.  Today they helped cover half the cost of a dog's life-or-death surgery and we covered the other half (even tho I'm not a dog rescue).  Tonight the dog gets to go home to be with her family when this could have ended so differently.  ty ARFS!!! - Waddle On In Rescue



There are so many animals in need of rescue.  There are not enough shelters or animal control help.  Many like our Wonderland Animal Sanctuary "rescue" are small but doing as much as we can with little help.  ARFS is absolutely God sent.  In tough times these days, ARFS has allowed Wonderland Animal Sanctuary to be able to keep going and still help more animals in need.  ARFS has been life saving.  We can not explain how very needed ARFS is to so many.  So grateful for them! - Robbin S. Hayesville, NC


I want to thank ARFS for your help.  I have been struggling with feral cats for a long time.  Things were getting desperate, and then I received a prayer-answered call from ARFS to help me.  I can’t explain the relief I felt after ARFS reached out to me.  I now know things will get better and I can help these homeless cats.  Thanks for everything and all that you are doing.  What a blessing.  Thanks a million.  Tim, Shooting Creek, NC

Thank you for the assistance you gave in helping with Cassie's veterinarian costs.  She has been stabilized and is getting her insulin regularly as prescribed.  She is her old self again and a very happy fur baby.  Thanks to your help I didn't have to entertain the suggestion of euthanasia.   Joe, Murphy, NC

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.  Our family cat, Spencer, was injured, and after paying the cost of the emergency vet clinic, we were not able to afford the surgery he needed on his leg.  After a short coversation with Sue, ARFS stepped up and paid for the continued medical costs it took to save our cat's life.  Without ARFS's support, we don't know what we would have done.  Thank you!   C.T. , Clarksville, GA

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