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A Feline Feeder is a very special person with a fondness for cats and a heart for helping the homeless and hungry ones.  Feline Feeders volunteer to feed cats that live in cat colonies.  There are currently about 18-20 Feline Feeders in Towns County, Georgia, who feed homeless cats in 6-7 colonies.  Volunteers are trained, even though feeding is not difficult.


Each Feline Feeder usually feeds on one day per week, choosing either morning or evening.  Feeding takes less than an hour, and there is no set time for feeding, other than dawn and dusk. The volunteers provide their own cat food, both canned and dry, but if a volunteer is unable to afford the cat food, it will be provided by ARFS.


Sometimes a volunteer is unable to feed on their scheduled day and time. If this happens, another volunteer will substitute.


Because all the cat colonies are off of Route 76 in Towns County, they are easy to find and easy to access.


All of the cats are tame and some can be petted. However, most will eagerly wait for the their Feeder’s arrival at a short distance away. Feline Feeders fall in love with these gentle cats and look forward to feeding them.


Because the Towns County Feline Feeders have been incorporated into Animal Rescue Financial Support, Inc., donations for cat food are tax deductible. Monetary donations for cat food can be made to ARFS, P.O. Box 972, Hiawassee, GA 30546.


Cat food can also be purchased and donated by taking it to the Towns County library beside the court house. Stray cats, as most cats, are picky eaters. It seems to be in their DNA. Our homeless cats do not eat store brand food nor speciality food, such as Science Diet or Hills.  We feed them Friskies canned food and Purina dry food.   If you want to pamper them, you could treat them with Fancy Feast canned food.


If you live in Towns County, Georgia, and would like to join our team of Feline Feeders, contact ARFS by phone (762-294-9467) or email (, or fill out the volunteer form and ARFS will contact you.

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