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A legacy gift is a donation made by an individual through a will, a living trust, or another estate planning designation that is allocated to a nonprofit organization after the donor passes away.  Bequests may include cash, life insurance policies, retirement funds (such as an IRA), equity, real estate, or any type of property.  Since legacy giving may avoid estate tax or capital gains tax, it is a tax-effective way to ensure that the cause you care about will benefit from your generosity forever.  If you desire to leave a legacy of caring for needy animals, talk to your estate planner about leaving a legacy gift to ARFS.


If you are 73 years old or older and required to withdraw from your retirement fund(s), then there is a way you can do this tax free.  That way is by transferring your required minimum distribution (RMD) from your IRA to a qualified charity.  This is called a qualified charitable distribution (QCD).  ARFS is a qualified charity that will gladly receive your QCD so that the taxes you would have paid will be used instead to help suffering and needy animals right where you live.  Simply contact the financial institution that manages your retirement fund(s) to set up a QCD to go to ARFS.


Business owners can donate a percentage of their profits on one day each month to help needy animals and those who care for them.  We call this First Friday because we suggest that this be done on the first Friday of the month.  If you are a business owner who wants to support ARFS in this way, you will not only be helping needy animals in your community, but you will be increasing your clientele with animal lovers who appreciate that you have a heart for the "underdogs" (pun intended).


All donations can be sent to:

Animal Rescue Financial Support, Inc.

P.O.  Box 972

Hiawassee, GA  30546

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