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Animal Rescue Financial Support, Inc. (ARFS) is managed by a board of four business-minded directors who are passionate about the humane treatment of animals and supportive of those who care for their needs.  ARFS's board is governed by bylaws and conducts board meetings as needed.  All matters of importance and all financial aid are voted on and must be approved by the board.  Board directors receive no compensation for their service.


                   President & Treasurer                                           Susan Scott

                   Vice President & Event Coordinator               J. J. North

                   Secretary                                                                   Sheila McDevitt
                   Director of Public Relations                               Sarah Crain                                                                                                        

ARFS keeps meticulous financial records and conforms to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), which are the accounting rules, standards, and procedures issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.  Each quarter ARFS generates the five non-profit accounting statements required by GAAP.   ARFS’s financial records are open to the public.

ARFS does not need a physical building, so it has very few operating expenses. The board is determined to spend less than 10% of its income on administration, advertising, and fundraising. This permits its revenue to be used for the purposes that it is intended, that is, aid for animals and those who rescue or care for them.

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