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The board of directors of Animal Rescue Financial Support, Inc, (ARFS) believes that everyone  deserves to be treated as we ourselves want to be treated.  This includes animals as well as people.  Therefore:

  • We will treat your pets as we would treat our pets, and we treat our pets as family members.

  • We will treat all animals with the utmost compassion and concern by financially funding, as resourses permit, whatever will alleviate the suffering of any animal.

  • We will financially support those who care for animals in need, for we highly esteem those who love and help animals.

  • We will treat your donations with the wisdom and prudence that we want our donations to be treated with.  We will make certain that all donations are used for the purpose that they are intended, that is, the care of animals. 

  • We will not violate your privacy by disclosing your personal information to a third party or by posting information about you on the Internet without your consent.  Personal information obtained through ARFS's Website, email, phone contact, or by other means, such as your personal information on checks, invoices, veterinary records, or documents, shall not be given to anyone other than the governing body of ARFS and any person or organization assisting us in helping you obtain financial aid from ARFS.  Furthermore, we will not use cookies on ARFS's Website to collect your  personal information.

  • We will be completely honest and lawful in all our actions.


  •  We will live up to our motto: "Aid For Animals."

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